MAPPI (EFFE&CI), AU 1F 1S 2200 x 3800 mm, 4–19 mm, Left-Right

Appliance: Glass tempering furnace

Manufacturer: MAPPI (EFFE&CI)

Model: AU 1F 1S 2200 x 3800 mm, 4 – 19 mm, Left-Right

Year of production: 2001


Product code: A4104941

Documentation: Download


Glass tempering furnace MAPPI (EFFE&CI)

AU 1F 1S 2200 x 3800 mm, 4 – 19 mm, Left > Right 

Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2001 

ESG Ofen / Glashärtungsanlage 

Piec do hartowania szkła

Without convection (no Low-E) / Ohne Konvektion (keine Low-E) / Bez konwekcji (Low-E = nie)

In very good working condition. Inspection during production is possible by appointment.

In sehr gutem technischen Zustand (in Produktion).

W bardzo dobrym stanie technicznym (w produkcji).

Available / Verfügbar / Dostępny: January 2020

Incl. noise reduction cabinet around chiller. Blower on platform – platform not included.

Technical data

Power: 423 kW for heating and drives, 400 V, 50 Hz


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