2009, LiSEC, LBH-25AR + A2RL-25/25HA

Appliance: Autom. butyl coating machine - Butyl-Extruder + Filler

Manufacturer: LiSEC

Model: LBH-25AR + A2RL-25/25HA

Year of production: 2009/1995


Product code: A4799538

Documentation: Download


LiSEC, Right – Left

– A2RL-25/25HA, 1995, Fully Autom. Tandem Desiccant Filling Machine for Bent Spacer Frames

– LBH-25AR, 2009, Autom. Butyl-Extruder / Butyl Application System

Very good condition. Dismantled.


LiSEC, Rechts – Links

– A2RL-25/25HA, 1995, Vollautomat. Trockenmittel-Tandemfüllanlage für gebogene Abstandhalter

– LBH-25AR, 2009, Autom. Butyl-Extruder

In sehr gutem Zustand. Demontiert.


LiSEC, Prawo – Lewo

– A2RL-25/25HA, 1995, Autom. zasypywarka sita molekularnego

– LBH-25AR, 2009, Autom. Butyl-Extruder / Butylarka

W bardzo dobrym stanie technicznym. Zdemontowana.


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